Year 3 and 4

26th May 2016
Year 3 acted out a puppets' show about daily routines. Watch the two videos!

Year 4 became journalists and asked their classmates about hobbies. Watch the two videos!


28th March 2016
Year 4 built their own cities! Where is the school? The school is next to the church. Nice group work!


7th February 2016

Restaurant role-playing with Year 3!

1st December 2015

Do you want to see our tickets' office? Year 4 bought cinema tickets. It was really amusing! 
25th November 2015 

Year 3 also made these videos about different activities that we can do.



20th November 2015

Watch these videos about school subjects!:-)


7th October 2015

Do you want to use "Tiger Digital"? 

Please follow these steps so you can continue learning at home.


21st September 2015 

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