dilluns, 26 de novembre de 2012

A very special guest

Today P4 and P5 have a very special guest. Sarah is an excellent English teacher that tells stories nicely. We listen quietly to the story of The Gingerbread Man... Look at us!

dissabte, 24 de novembre de 2012

Thanks Christine!

Today in 2nd grade we have a special guest! Noah's mummy is coming to play with us in English! With her perfect American English we learn lots of things.

Look how we have fun with her games!


Christine finished the lesson with a storybook! Isn't it fantastic?

ABBA in concert!

Teacher Ramón and Teacher Antònia invite 5th grade pupils to a concert! They have the ticket and give it to the box-office clerk in order to come in! "May I come in, please?"

That was a great day!

Sing "I have a dream" with us!

dijous, 22 de novembre de 2012

It's time for Halloween!

"Halloween is almost here and I can hardly wait..." with this song starts the Halloweek at Ausiàs March! Let's have fun!
We start carving a pumping to make our special Jack o'lantern.
We make a black spider straw! "Hey boys and girls and spiders! say Happy Halloweeeeeen"
We play scaaaary games...
And finally we make Happy Halloween cards! Isn't it great?

Time for playing!

Let's go fishing! We love this game!

Welcome to school!

On September 12th we come back to school! New year, new teacher and why not, new decorations! We work in small group to color our special Guard. Let's have fun redecorating the English classroom!

And here we have the final work!