dissabte, 24 de novembre de 2012

ABBA in concert!

Teacher Ramón and Teacher Antònia invite 5th grade pupils to a concert! They have the ticket and give it to the box-office clerk in order to come in! "May I come in, please?"

That was a great day!

Sing "I have a dream" with us!

3 comentaris:

  1. I liked this group and their songs, especially Mama Mia,I have a drime and Dansing Queen. I would like to know Ahgneta, Bjorn and company floated a global question.
    Thanks Antonia and Ticher Ramon

  2. Laura, thank you very much for your comments. Teacher Ramón and me are very glad that you enjoyed that day. More for coming!

  3. Hello,actually, everyone should give you thanks, as we are a very ofartunada school even have touch screens.
    Until Tuesday.